Sunday, August 19, 2012

What A Journey

I cannot begin to describe this past week to those who have not encountered Haiti before!  As has been said many times throughout the week....nothing could have prepared me for what we would encounter here.  Its not that I couldn't imagine the poverty and the naked children who are so thin with their distended is the feelings, the smells, and the emotions that go through you as each day you are able to live in their world.  Those cannot be described; they have to be FELT with your whole heart.  As most of us will tell you, my heart was completely broken to pieces early on in the week while I held those severely ill and dying babies, while I was carrying little girls and boys that only wanted a smile and a hug, while I was listening to the beautiful singing voices of the children at Grace Village as they thanked us for being here, and so many other times I can't even begin to mention.  As the week went on, I was able to experience God's healing in my heart in so many ways...while I was sitting in worship today and felt the Holy Spirit surround us (I shed so many tears for the beauty all around me), while holding the ill children for a second time and knowing that they have improved and are receiving the nourishment that their bodies so needed, while I look at each of my team members and know that they are now and will forever be family to me.  I know that my heart will forever be changed, but I also know that my journey is only beginning...both here in Haiti and at home.  I will continue to ask "What is God trying to teach me" whenever I can, so that I can remember that it is ultimately His plan that I want for my life.  Thank you Lord for this beautiful journey!

Written by Sara Mosher

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