Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The boy and the starfish

  Our first outing today was bringing water into 3 districts in the Citi Soliel. I really didn't have any idea of what to expect but was eager for the adventure.  Through out the day I tried to ask myself .."What is God trying to teach me?"..for this day anyway, right?? ( We have this question posed to us in words on a large mirror in the living area.)  and frankly at this point I have absolutely no idea, except maybe to think about the story of the Boy and the Starfish.  Basically the boy is posed the question while walking down a beach by a man watching him. "Why are you throwing all those star fish washed up back into the sea, you can't possible save them all..and the boy picks up one of the starfish in his hand and looks at it and says to the man, I was able to help this one today and continued to throw starfish back into the sea. So I am hopeful that even though I or my fellow companions may be feeling rather "inept" (my word for the day) , I hope we all can be that boy..helping at least one of Gods beautiful brown eyed starfish if not today, than maybe another day.

Jennifer Keller Sirianni


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