Thursday, August 16, 2012

A visit with old friends

A visit with old friends is a blessing, an ease that you feel when you see them.  The familiarity of being with them, the memories of what you have seen and been through over the years.  That's comfort.  Today we had our elderly visits.  The beginning of our first visit definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but by the time we had finished I was looking forward to our next.  These people were so HAPPY to have our team there to visit with them, sing with them, comfort them and pray for them.  These elders are amazing people.  And like when leaving an old friend when the time came to leave you felt as if you were leaving a part of you behind.  A part of you that will never again belong to you alone, but will be a memory that will be shared  by all that witnessed.

Dear Lord, as their lives decline, and their energies decrease,
more than ever hold them by Your Power.

Give them strength to work in your service til the last day of their life.
At night keep them close to Your Heart;
and should they die before the morning breaks,
may they go rejoicing in that vision of Your entrancing beauty,
never to be separated from You.


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