Thursday, August 16, 2012

Afraid I'll Forget...

This has been quite the experience for me. Having never left the country before, there have been a lot of "firsts" for me on this trip.

It has been so overwhelming.
So much has happened already. And I am so afraid I will forget...

the beautiful sound of the tiny girl at the home for the sick and dying, that I made giggle.
the eyes of the elderly we visited light up as we came to bring them food and to rub their hands and feet with lotion.
the exhuberant voice of Wilson singing "God is so good" with the children in cite soleil, while standing on the pile of garbage, feces, and decomposed goat carcasses overlooking the beautiful blue ocean.
the constant honking of vehicles -  as this is their means of "traffic control"
the excited, silly kids at gertrudes that were swinging together so high (doing the spider) that they almost tipped over the swingset.
all of the kids without clothes and shoes.
all of the people whose only means of transportation is to WALK everywhere.
the strength of the woman here - to be able to lift and carry buckets of water on their head, while carrying another in their hand.
the beautiful view from the top of the mountain at the mass grave site from the january 2010 earthquake and feeling closer to God up there.
the "roads" which are basically just piles of rocks that have huge holes and streams running through them.
watching the compassion of my team members with all who we come in contact with.
There are so many more memories I could write down. The list is so long. I do NOT want to forget. We are so blessed in America for all that we have!!
Also, today we visited the elderly.
Surprisingly, this brought me great joy. At the 2nd stop I felt the holy spirit was present with us as Junior played guitar and we all sang "Glory to God" to an elderly woman in a tiny shack filled with flies and rubbed lotion on her hands and feet. It was a beautiful and moving experience!

I Thank God for opening my eyes and my heart on this trip.
I have not had much time to process how I will be changed (or what I will change) from this trip, but I look forward to Him revealing it to me!

My word for today was: Spiritual.
With Much Love,

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  1. Love you, Rachelle. You are such a beautiful person and I'm grateful you are my friend.