Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leaving a piece of my heart

Going through my journey in Haiti my heart has been broken.  The children of Cite Soleil who struggle daily, that have so little but love so much.  The Elders, the children of Gertrudes, the children at the hospital for the sick and dying, so many thoughts go through my head....some good and some bad.  Their strong faith carries them through and keeps them happy.  I feel great joy when I think of the children at Grace Village and know they are being cared for and have their caregivers and each other to lean on.  I witnessed the love shown between these children and it warmed my heart.  Though my heart has broken it has also grown from this experience.  I know as I fly out of Haiti tomorrow I will be leaving a piece of my heart........          

May God Bless the people of Haiti and May God Bless this wonderful Alleluia team of August 2012.  

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