Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Water truck day

The words I write simply could never explain today or even Haiti in general. We made 3 different stops with the water truck today. Each stop very much the same yet in the same breath completely different.  The first stop I was relaxed, enjoyed the kids. They are bright eyed and love Jesus! The second stop was difficult for me, a harder area maybe, not sure. There again the kids just want to be all over you, they love to touch our hair, my part on my head they kept running their finger along. The 3rd stop I helped to fill the water buckets. This last stop of the day is where they seemed to "have" the most,  they just seemed to want more. Strange how similar to Americans they are in that regard, we always want more. Hard concept to grasp, we REALLY do not need more. God does not ask about nor care about our things. I believe His biggest hope for us is to share His love and that is exactly what we did today.
I feel the light of Jesus shining through us all. Glory. Glory. Glory!

Jen T.

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