Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A walk on the beach

A normal walk on the beach would probably find you looking for beautiful seashells to pick up and save.  You know, to have as a memory keepsake.  Well today we watched barefoot children walking through piles of seashells mixed with glass, garbage, human waste and many other things I couldn't even identify.  There were probably many beautiful seashells underneath the filth, but these children were my beautiful seashells.  I just wanted to pick them up and take them all away.  Take them away to where they were safe, where they could be fed, bathed, clothed and have a strong roof over there heads.  The amazing thing about this is that you look at these children and their attitude you would never know they live in such a place.  Their faith  is incredible.  They smile and you want to smile.  Every child you look at makes your heartbreak yet it makes your heart swell.  Jesus loves the children!  Today was watertruck day.  We will have another again Saturday.  I look forward to seeing, hugging and holding the children again. 

Jack made it to Haiti today!   He missed watertruck day but will have the chance to experince it when we make our Saturday rounds. 

God Bless you all. 

My word for the day is unbelievable - if you have experienced Haiti or if you ever do you will understand. 

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