Friday, January 27, 2012

What is God trying to Teach me?

Today as we visited the Elderly I often wondered what God was trying to teach me with this trip he has called me to go on? I see the conditions that some people are living in & I wonder why? Why do they have so little & we have so much? We take so much for granted that they do not have everyday access to. Water, plenty of food, adequate shelter, in some cases family to be with & take care of them
This Journey has been amazing, joyful, and full of love, laughter, smiles & at times sadness. I have learned so much about the people of Haiti. They have an awesome Faith in God, to hear them sing God's Praises & to hear them pray to him is something you would have to see to fully understand. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to have come on this trip & step out of my box. Thanks to my awesome team for helping me along the way try new things & holding my hand when I needed a little pull to keep going. I am still searching for What God is trying to teach me? I am sure he will guide me along the way & put people in my life to keep holding my hand when I need it & keep me out of the box that I finally have stepped out of.
God Bless all the Beautiful people of Haiti, My Team & all the supporters who helped us get here to share this wonderful week together.

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  1. i'm glad you finally understand what i've been trying to tell you! i know it hard but it is something that you will carry and treasure forever now! i love you and im glad you stepped out of your box :) oh and you're not allowed to go back into your box either :) LOVE YOU MOM!