Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Setting our sails.

Embarking on this trip to Haiti was a big step for me and several members of our team. It made me remember that we are to set our sails and let God guide the boat. We set our sails today in Citie Soleil delivering water to one of the poorest sections of Port-Au-Prince. Although delivering water was the main physical goal of today, a secondary and possibly bigger purpose was to interact with and show love towards these people.

As soon as we got off the truck we were approached by children wanting to be held. It was great to see God lead our team in different directions doing various things. Throughout the day we filled and helped deliver water buckets and also played with and held the children. There was no set agenda and at times we were delivering water for one group and this would lead to a conversation or game or holding more children.

At one point during the day I was helping to carry a bucket of water back to a young girl's house. When we got to her house I was motioned over by a member of her family. This man wanted to show me a boy that had recently died. It was very sad to see this small 4 year old boy. I asked the man if he would say a prayer with me. I prayed and he listened. Although he couldn't understand the words I was saying, I believe he knew the content.

One of our water stops was near the shore so we took some time at the end of our stop to go out to the dock and see the people fishing. A few of the men were pulling in a rope attached to a net that was several hundred feet out into the ocean. The process was slow so our team decided to help out. All of us took hold of the rope and began to pull in the net. This lead to several locals jumping in to help as well while some of the other locals watched on and chuckeled as our group was having a lot of fun with this new challenge. As we worked together I was reminded of Mark 1:17 "Come Follow Me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." Our group was reeling in the net but perhaps we were also reeling in some people through our actions.

We set our sails this morning and God guided us through the day. Can't wait to see what He has in store for us tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Mike! All I can say is that God is using you in mighty ways. How could you hold up so well seeing the 4 yr. old boy? You and the group continue to be in my prayers.
    Peace and strength,
    Pr. Durk