Tuesday, January 24, 2012

water truck day!

What a day! What an AWESOME day! I am exhausted! We caught the water truck around 9:30am at what seemed like a random spot. Tobi and Brian asked if anyone wanted to ride on the water truck and of course I was one of the first ones that raised my hand to go. Always up to experience something new. What an experence! At first, I thought, this can't be very safe riding outside a truck in general, let alone riding on the outside of a truck while going over very deep potholes. Needless to say, I SURVIVED! whew!

After what seemed to be a relatively short ride, we arrived to a small village deep inside Cite Soleil. You could tell that this was a 'not so safe' area. As soon as we hopped off the truck, children ran up to us wanting to be held. They wanted to be loved and played with. That was the easy part. There were times I had one child on my back, while holding two more in my arms. I couldn't say no to any of the children. I was able to play the 'this little piggy' game with the children. They LOVED it!! They kept placing their little toes on my leg asking me to do it again. They sure taught me to enjoy the little things in life. I was enjoying every moment!

We also had an opportunity to help go and bring water to people's houses. It felt awesome to help! We sometimes even walked the water inside their homes. It was sad to see the conditions that these people have to live in. I felt so conflicted with the way I felt. It is such a contrast to how we all live back in the U.S. While carrying buckets of water to the people's homes, I was offered children. This was very hard for me. I often thought, as a mother myself, I couldn't imagine offering my precious children to some stranger. These people must feel so helpless. Of course, I had to say 'no thank you'.

This day was a good day! It was humbling, sad at times, exhausting and happy! I truly know that these beautiful people and their conditions are here on this Earth to teach each and everyone of us lessons. God has a plan! I love that, but hate that I don't always know what His plan is. I hate that there are conditions like this for people to live in.

Please be thankful for all you have no matter how little, no matter how small. We all back home have WAY more than we need.




  1. Rachel,
    I am so glad to read your experience of the water truck! it is very similar to what mine was like!! i can't wait to hear more about the trip! enjoy your time there! it will go so fast, you blink your eyes and the week is over and your on your way home.

  2. Rachel,
    Hello! What an incredible sharing piece you've written! You look very comfortable on the truck! May God continue to give you all the strength and courage you need for the week.
    Pr. Durk