Friday, January 27, 2012

A roller coaster of a day...

Today was a very emotional day for us. After we get back from our day we shower, then eat dinner, then share stories from the day starting with "word of the day" that each person shares. Here's some of the words that people came up with: Broken, Why, Hope, Roller coaster, Care, Sun, Songs, Music, Awesome God, Sad. That pretty much describes the emotions of the day. From the joy of listening to the kids at Grace Village sing their songs to us with SUCH enthusiasm and LOUD - it was SO awesome, to meeting the loving elderly woman who one of our words was "Life" because she at age 103 had as much life as the youngsters we come across in the streets who come running & hugging us because they just crave the human contact, to the elderly lady who is seen in this picture has 2 grandchildren she's caring for, living pretty much out in the middle of no where, one sitting beside her with no clothes, looking up so sad, to the other just wearing a t-shirt. The emotions were incredible as we stood there praying with them giving them what little we could give today & not knowing when they'd be able to eat again. Another emotion overcame us as we were standing there. Tobi & Brian asked where the little girl was that they saw when they visited them 6 months ago was. We learned she passed away. Initially, of course, we were very sad, but then, really should we be sad for a little 2 year old with who knows what kind of life on earth she would have versus the beautiful life she'd have up in Heaven? How horrific is it that we feel a sweet little 2 year old girl is better off in heaven? It's not fair, we question why, why can this happen to these people who didn't choose this, they aren't lazy, they aren't mentally challenged, they work harder for 1 bucket of water per week than most of us do in a year, so why God? Here's how we ended the discussion, which is what the founder of Healing Haiti wants us to ask ourselves "What is GOD trying to Teach me?" So, as I finish this Blog now I am still in tears and still wondering, "What was it I was supposed to learn today and what am I supposed to do with it?" I will pray and hope you all do as well for the WONDERFUL people of Haiti and tonight in particular that little elderly lady with the 2 grandchildren, may they be safe tonight, comfortable and tomorrow have food and water provided to them, Amen.

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