Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today, our 4th day here in Haiti, we visited the elders and got a tour of Grace Village. It has surprisingly been my favorite day so far. On Monday we played soccer with the neighbor boys and I loved that, it was so much fun! Tueday was water truck day, we had 3 stops, and I also really liked that, especially the 1st stop. On both days I loved seeing all the kids and they just instantly swarm you and want love. It's crazy how fast you make connections. I will admit I got a lot of attention from some teenage boys, a couple of them asked for my number and if I have Facebook. LOL. I really liked seeing the teenagers though, talking to them, having real conversations like I do with my own friends about life and school. Then yesterday we went to the home for sick and dying babies and an orphanage for disabled kids. I didn't really enjoy yesterday because I just felt really awkward and uncomfortable. Since last night though I have had a really good feeling about today. Before we came on this trip  my mom had told me all about the elders because when she came to Haiti last year it was her favorite part. I didn't think I would enjoy it that much. I honestly thought I would be grossed out and wouldn't want to touch them but that all changed the second we saw the first elder, a man named Dieufort. I even cleaned one of the elders feet and put lotion on her. I was so surprised at how much I loved today. Every stop we went to was just magical. That's the only word I can think to describe it. But when we all stood around and sang and prayed, it felt magical. I never want to forget that feeling. All of the elders made me think of my own grandparents, especially my Great Grandma. Then,, when we were on the tap tap later on, my mom said they reminded her of Great Grandma too and I realized how lucky I am to have her and be close to her. Our last stop was a woman who is 43 years old, and it was her and her daughter. We got to go inside their home which was smaller than my bedroom and had nothing but still felt like a home. There was one bed that she shares with both her kids with curtains hanging up above. There was an old picture of an ocean that was faded and broken. There was a table with all of their belongings and a little kitchen area. They do the best they can with what they have. She was worried about school starting soon because she can't afford books and uniforms for her kids. It showed me that they are really no diffrent than us, kids are still kids wherever you go and she was still a mom, just like mine, only wanting the best for her children. She, like my mom, would do anything for her kids. We also got to get a tour of Grace Village today and it was INCREDIBLE. Such a beautiful, amazing place, with beautiful people. I can't wait to go back on Saturday! Today was just a GREAT day!


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