Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Haiti - Faith in Motion

This morning the group arose early to attend a local church service at 6:00 AM.  To all this was an amazing and awe inspiring experience, even drawing several members to tears of wonder and joy. 

Here surrounded by so much want and need the people, many of whom have little as we all were reminded by our trips into Cite Soleil yesterday, and the surrounding tin shacks and tent cities, came together and built a place of worship, their place of worship.

What struck me immediately was the raw power and totality of the faith therein.  Here everyday, from 6-8 AM, the people come to worship, to thank Jesus for providing and caring for them, and for being their savior and their strength throughout.  Everyday.   From outside you begin to feel the energy, with loud, joy filled, thankful singing rising up from within.  As we entered it became clear we were witnessing faith in motion.  The large but simple structure was filled with people, singing, releasing their sins, or more powerfully deep in personal prayer – walking to and fro, up this row of folding chairs and back that one, in the aisles, along the walls, everywhere.  Arms raised, hands opened, moving, moving, moving - physically and spiritually.   How can I begin to touch this level of faith?  Awesome.      

After another bountiful breakfast provided by Focine, and the Healing Haiti kitchen staff we journeyed to the Home for Sick and Dying Babies, and then on to Gertrude’s home for children with special needs. Some had expressed concern or reservations about this day, anticipating sadness or being overwhelmed by a desperate or hopeless scene, but it was not this that we found. 

Though some circumstances were dire indeed, the opportunity to touch one of these children, to connect and raise a smile, was all that mattered- overpowering all else.   There were many children in each place, but what was important was to be there with that child in front of you, at that time and place, to make a connection.  As we gave our small gifts of time and love to these little ones, I was struck that they in turn with each priceless smile, glee filled laugh, or just a simple sigh expressed while being held, channeled back Gods boundless love.  We were called to give love and attention to some of God’s littlest ones, and I believe God put them in our paths to move and feed the faith within each of us.   



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