Sunday, August 18, 2013

I want to always remember~

When I was asked to blog tonight, I selfishly (very selfishly) said that I did not want to. I think I was
afraid to pour out what I was really feeling tonight, and it is sadness – plain and simple! Don't get me
wrong, I CAN NOT wait to see Dana and my Boys – I carried them in my mind and my heart all week long and I can't wait to see them all late tomorrow night and give them kisses when I get home.
Tonight, our awesome fearless leaders asked us all to writer ourselves a letter and they would send
them to us at a time in the future when they felt called to do so. How did they know this is exactly
what I needed? After writing my letter I feel a lot lighter. It is to be a personal letter, but I want to
share just a piece of it with whoever is reading this blog!
“I never want to forget how I felt when I played soccer with the neighborhood boys – taking a leap of
faith and just jumping in and and playing. I never want to forget the feeling I had stepping out of the
tap tap for the first time in Cite Soleil – it was as though I was running through a dark tunnel toward a
bright light. I never want to forget seeing the kids reach up to me for the 1 time and the overwhelming emotions I felt as I bent down to greet the children and there were so many on my that I had a hard time standing up. 

I never want to forget seeing the look of desperation on the Haitian people as they clamored to get in line with their buckets for water (some hadn't received water in 1 week). I never want to forget the precious babies at The Home For The Sick & Dying Babies and Children – they were all well cared for and had food to eat. I never want to forget feeling uncomfortable and stretched at Gertrudes. I never want to forget both the comfort and the discomfort of our tap tap – the Haitian streets are sometimes there and sometimes not and it is almost always a bumpy ride. However, I felt like our tap tap was, at times, a place of safety – of refuge. I never want to forget the humbling feelings and overwhelming emotions I felt on our elder visits and the joy I felt serving them. I never want to
forget the discomfort of General Hospital – the cribs, the stench, the lack of resources, the
abandonment, the sickness. I never want to forget the worship – being completely filled with the Holy Spirit. Watching how the Haitian people praise God is overwhelming and so awesome! I never want to forget the smiles. I never want to forget the smells, the cows, the pigs, the goats. I never want to forget the friendships I have made, I hope to have lifetime connections with this group of people. I never want to forget our Haitian staff – they provided me with safety and comfort all week long! I have learned so much! I love you Haiti – I will be back!”



  1. WoW Cite Soleil wow I am glad you guys are back to your family, from the bottom of my heart I thank you and the mission for the people of Haiti specially the people of Sun City lol (Cite Soleil). We love you TOO, Forget us not because we will always remember, and come back to us because you will always be welcome. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Peace N Love always

  2. Emmanuel - I don't know if you will see this response. Thank you so much for following my journey! I tried to send you a message while I was in Haiti as I thought a lot about you, Phillipe and Johnny! My message didn't go through. I will contact you again via facebook as I have so many questions!