Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Feeling complete today after delivering water and loving on the children. My heart was left in Cite Soleil last August in 2012 during my first trip. I experienced so many emotions with my heart breaking and asking God why? Why these children? Why can't I help all of them. In America, I could call 911. I could get them new shoes, underwear, something. After praying to God to prepare me for the day and ask for his strength and guidance, I was able to get out of the tap-tap, hold a child and SMILE! I did become emotional at some point, but I knew at that very moment I was holding ONE child and giving them what they needed. I was making a difference with that ONE child. It did not have to be material rather I gave them the hug, love and smile they needed for that moment. I was reminded by my team leaders last year about the starfish story that saving at least one starfish may make the difference! I did that today. My team did that today... We touched at least ONE child. God is amazing and he was with each of us today holding our hands walking this difficult journey. I feel so blessed to be experiencing this trip all over again. God is so good!

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