Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Wow!! I am really back in Haiti! 2 days in and this experience is so very different yet the same as a year ago. I feel different about it, things look different, it smells different. But the kids, the people, they are the same, they love us, they love the Healing Haiti staff, they love school and they love Jesus! Yesterday was new as we got to play soccer with some neighbor boys, awesome experience, they are great soccer players! Today was water truck day, we traveled back into City Soleil. We made 3 stops. Last year this was my favorite day ( next to visiting the elders ), I was so happy to go back, it is a different world then we live in. Last year it was a lot of loving on the little kids, but with Amanda here we seemed to attract many more teennage boys ( go figure!, they all say I love you to her! )Loved hearing  them talk of getting to attend school as that is a privilage here. We also hear alot of God Bless you and thank yous from them. I feel absolutely content, so very Blessed to be here!

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