Thursday, August 18, 2011

Word of the Day: Partner

Let me begin by saying that my word of the day yesterday was broken.
  • Broken for my heart - I spent the morning and 2 hours yesterday afternoon holding a sick, malnourished infant, Junior.  My heart was ripped wide open knowing that he was so weak that he could only rest against me.  I yearned to help him...keep him.  It killed me to lay him back in his crib and walk away.
  • Broken for the families of Haiti - I am confident that Junior's mother, if given the resources, would gladly have fed, nourished and loved him into a life full of energy and play.  However, her family is now broken as her child lies sick and recovering.  She may visit for an hour daily.  I cannot imagine the pain of a mother who cannot mend the pain of her child.
  • Broken for this country - A country where the history of embezzlement (both internally and externally) and corruptness, has left a nation where poverty is the norm.
Today, I am refreshed and renewed after a variety of new experiences that have both restored my heart and my passion.  Today's word of the day is partner.
  • Partner for my time sharing with Brian in mending the wounds of children.  It was incredible to sit on the bare ground, under a beating sun and surrounded by children.  Brian cleaned their wounds while I assisted with creams and bandages.  The smiles from the children and the gratitude we felt was amazing.
  • Partner for my time helping Carol clean an elderly man's arms and legs.  I loved being able to apply the lotion and sing with him.  It was truly a Godly moment.
  • Partner for this team and how we worked so well together playing with the children at the orphanage.  It was amazing to see how we each used our skills and talents to glorify God as we played soccer, blew bubbles, applied lotion and snuggled with the kids.  The children were such an amazing contrast to anything else we had experienced. 
I continue to feel that it is an amazing blessing to be here and experience this place.  I do not know how God will use this to transform me and Brian.  But, I feel confident that the seeds are being planted for change.  It is a blessing to have prayers and support from home knowing that I am being lifted up throughout this journey.  God is so good!

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