Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Word for the Day: Contrast

Today, we had the blessing of riding into the poorest of the slum cities in Haiti with the Healing Haiti water truck.  This free gift of water that this ministry brings to the people 6 days a week allowed us access to some of the parts of Haiti that most missionaries do not get to experience.  And, the intensity of the day has left me tired but at peace with the entire experience.

Each night, we are asked to share our word of the day.  It is one word that is to capture our entire day.  Today, my word was contrast. 

  • The contrast between the beautiful people of Haiti and the tents and shacks where they live. The children clung to our hands and loved to be held...their smiles shine at me every time I close my eyes.
  • The contrast between the scenery of beautiful mountains and ocean views while standing in trash and human feces.
  • The contrast between my frustration at Hannah's class size while looking at the Haitian school where classrooms are the size of my kitchen and 50 children learn together.
  • The contrast between my luxury this evening of being able to shower and sit in front of an air conditioner while the children I held and loved will be sleeping on dirt floors.
  • The contrast between the meal of rice and beans that filled my stomach while remembering the distended stomachs of children waiting on the water lines.
  • The contrast between the sweat of the day from playing in the streets with children or the sweat this evening from learning to Salsa dance.
This is a beautiful land of contrasts that leaves me feeling conflicted and so very blessed.  I know that God is here.  I heard His voice as the children sang "God is so good" and danced as we stood on top of their garbage heap.  I saw His hands and feet as our team helped take buckets back to different shacks.  I saw His smile on the faces of children.  God is here.

Tobi Roesler
Healing Haiti Team Member

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  1. You chose a great word. The picture you paint helps give the rest of us back home an idea of what it's like in Haiti. This journey you are all on forces us to reflect on life. The life God has given to us and the life God has given to others. It's a blessing that you all can be down there to help these people in dire need. you will all be stronger for this experience. Keep safe and good luck with tomorrow. Thank you so much for the update.

    Justin, Norah and Charlie