Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Water Truck!

Today was a very amazing day! We left the guest house at about 9am to start our amazing adventure. Our first stop was to go to the water station where the truck pick up water, we had to meet the Healing Haiti water truck. It was quite amazing to see all of the different trucks that were coming out of the station full of water to go and deliver water to the Haitian people.

When the truck goes into the parts of the slum two of the Healing Haiti Missionaries are able to ride on the outside of the truck. I was lucky enough to go and ride on the outside of the truck twice! It was an amazing experience seeing all of the children walking and running around. As we were traveling into Cite Soliel all I hear are children yelling at us "HEY YOU!" So I in reaction yell it back at them "HEY YOU!" and wave! They lit up like lights... it was such a great sight to see! As we were pulling up to the location we were stopping at, from all around I see were children and women running towards where the truck will be stopping with all of their buckets so they can make sure that they receive fresh water! As soon as the truck stopped, I didn't even have a chance to fully get off of the truck and I instantly had children grabbing ahold of me wanting to touch and hold them.

At the first stop today, we had a group of girls that wanted us all to dance! So of course some of the team starts dancing with them and the girls were just laughing and laughing. I haven't decided if they were laughing with us or at us, but either way they were happy, and that is all that really matters!

On the second stop we went on a walk through the slums and saw some of the living conditons, it was completely heart-breaking! Many of the peoples homes were completely empty, and all that they had in there was leaves from a palm tree. It was very sad! The thing is was that even though they have nothing, they act like they have everything! Also as we were coming to the destination of our walk we came to this flat area near the ocean and there were children all around as they had followed us on our walk. When we stopped and were standing in a circle Fan Fan started singing 'God is so good...' with all of the children and it was the most powerful thing I have ever seen in my life. Even the little little ones were singing the song and jumping around! It was very very moving!

While we were at the third stop we brought jumpropes to share with the chilren we tied two of them together to make it longer so others could swing it around for them. That really put the light on the children some of the things they can do are completely outstanding!! Also I started teaching the children how to play ring around the rosie and it was a lot of fun for the children they were learning the words as I sang it over and over again! Eventually the part where you fall down ended up coming and running to me and all hugging me at once! It was really great to be able to hug them all at once, but at the same time it was quite difficult to stay standing because there were about 15 to 20 children all playing! I did end up being able to stay on my feet! So that was great!

All and all today was an amazing day! We are all thinking about going again sometime this week to bring the people more water! I am really hoping we end up doing it! I saw a lot of BEAUTIFUL people in a nasty situation today. Yet they had so much JOY! It just makes me think about the DIFFERENT things that I will be experience while I continue on the trip! There seems to be a lot of CONFLICT going on while we are here since we want to be able to give toys, food and such to the children because when you give it to one child normally a bigger child come and takes it from them, which is HEART-BREAKING! There is such a CONTRAST between our country and this country, the poverty is much much different here... there are children running around naked and with different medical/wound problems! Thoughout the entire day there was a lot of COMFORT even though of the situation that we were put into seeing things that we are not used to seeing on a everyday basis. One the bright side even they have all of the horrible conditions they still have a ton of LOVE for God!

Healing Haiti Team Member

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