Saturday, August 20, 2011


As we continue to experience this place and make sense of it all, we are faced with witnessing enormous problems and injustice to these beautiful people, who by no fault of their own are born into a world of destitute and poverty. We struggle to find the answers to make sense of it all....but in the end we realize that it is about being faithful to God's calling.

This morning our team headed back into the heart of Cite Soleil to deliver clean water to hundreds of women and children in desperate need. They came from every corner with their buckets and we carefully helped lift these full buckets onto the tops of their heads and assist small girls with carrying them back to their shacks. You could see that to them this is the most precious of resources and to me I would barely think twice when I would turn on my water faucet to brush my teeth, or flush the toilet, or to even grab a glass of water from the fridge. We were swarmed with kids wanting our attention and mothers handing us their babies to hold while they could get their water. All of our hearts continued to be break as people came up to us with needs we could not meet....children requesting to go to school, babies that needed to see a doctor, or the last 30 buckets that could not get full of water because the truck was dry....and here our team struggles to make sense of why? Why do we have so much and them so little?

In the afternoon we went back to the orphanage for sick and dying babies to continue to pour our love into these babies. Many of them were the same as on Wednesday when we made our first visit and it was nice to continue the bond that was made on that day. But again, as we rock these babies and wonder if they have parents and what will their futures hold, we ask why? why can't we take them home and give them everything they need? Why are there so many laws and barriers to children being brought to homes with open arms and means to provide for all their needs.

Again, I struggle, just as the rest of my team, with making sense of this all...and thankfully, in the end we are left with our faith. Our faith to trust that God will continue to work in our hearts and care for those he places in our paths. Faith that we do not know what lies ahead but that He does...and it is only in faithfulness that we can begin to make sense of this place.

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