Monday, January 28, 2013

To my wonderful brothers and sisters:

I am writing you to assure you that your family in Christ are praying mightily for a safe and fulfilling journey to Haiti. Many of you are returning while a few of you are experiencing the Haitian people in all their beauty for the first time. I've been reminiscing of all the wonderful experiences I had during our trip last August and giving thanks to God for the opportunity he graciously bestowed upon me. Our provider, redeemer and the one who nourishes our souls beyond comprehension.
I truly enjoyed being with those of you in attendance for the 10:30 service Sunday and found myself fixated on the powerful light of our precious Lord and saviour radiating from your eyes. You were ready for your journey and I have an inner peace that God's love and protecting arms are embracing each and everyone of you. I pray that you acknowledge his presence as he guides you through your week long journey and that your experiences draw you closer to him.

Wishing you peace and praying your hearts are overwhelmed in the power of God and his precious Haitian people.

Your brother in Christ,
Jack Clemons

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