Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 2013 - The moment is almost here!

Just over 5 hours until our ride arrives to take us to the airport and I'm filled with all sorts of emotions...

  • Excitement: I'm excited to return to Haiti to see the beautiful smiles on all the kids.  I'm excited have my wife join this time to share in all the amazing experiences.  I'm excited to get away from the cold weather! I'm excited to get to know a great group of friends even better.
  • Optimism: I'm optimistic that God will allow our group to carry out his will and be his hands.  I'm optimistic that our travels will go smooth and that nobody will get stuck in Miami (thanks Jack for the word of advice to make sure our passports don't have any tears or folds :) ).  I'm optimistic that everybody will remain healthy and grow stronger in faith.
  • Nervousness: I'm nervous to see how I'll handle all the emotions of a second journey.  I'm nervous how much I'll miss my kids.  
  • Gratefulness: I'm grateful for so many supportive friends and family.  We had so many people wishing us well and saying they will pray for us.  We had a wonderful send off at church this morning with so many people showing their amazing support.  I'm grateful for Darcy's sister, Devon, and her husband Joe that have so graciously offered to take care of our kids for 8 days.  Grateful for all the phone calls from my parents, friends and family wishing us well.  Grateful for Darcy's dad Norm that is getting up at 2:30 am to give us a ride to the airport... This one could go on forever, but since the clock is ticking I better turn in for the night.
Thank you everybody for all your support!
-Tyson Burke

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