Friday, August 15, 2014

A Heart to Serve

Our day started bright and early as our team attended an early morning Haitian church service. It was inspiring to see how they worship with such spirit and praise to God.  We came back to our guesthouse to another big breakfast that filled us right up for another morning of serving on the water truck.

Once again we enjoyed spending time playing and loving all the little children while providing their precious water to fill their buckets.  Between our water truck stops we were able to visit the Haitian Initiative and see their soccer fields and feeding center.  This organization provides over 600 Feed My Starving Children meals a day.  It was wonderful for many of us to see the meals that we package back home in Minnesota be used to feed the children of Haiti. 

Our afternoon was spent at General Hospital, which is a large government run hospital.  We visited the babies and children in the pediatric unit. We delivered some medical supplies and care packages with needed items for the patients and families for their personal use and care.

On a personal note, I feel very blessed and glad to be here on this trip to witness this part of the world and how they live.  I am so thankful that I have been able to share this experience with my two daughters at my young age of 77 years old.  I have been so impressed by the three young teenage girls that have been on this trip with me and I would encourage that more young people and people of all ages could have this experience and have the heart to serve.  What an eye opening experience it has been.


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  1. I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts this past week. My heart and eyes have been filled with tears of joy! I am so proud to tell others about what my loving dad and sisters are being able to do this week. You are touching not only the hearts of so many people in Haiti but also some many more here back at home. I love you Dad, Carrie and Carol! May God continue to keep you and your team safe and well!