Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How do you recap a day like today?

We started out our day with a wonderful breakfast to help nourish us for the tasks of the day. Today would be a morning of serving at either the Home of the Sick and Dying or Gertrudes Orphanage.
I, Stacey, came on this trip with the idea that I would be bringing love to those in Haiti.  What I didn't expect was to receive so much love in return.  I was one that went to the Home of the Sick and Dying Children. I expected to see so many sick children, but what I saw were kids who were just wanting that human touch, someone to hold them.  These babies gave so much love, they wanted to hold on to us. They wanted us to know we were wanted. Ironic when it is little ones who seem to have been left for someone else to tend to.  I also noticed how when it was time for those parents who were there visiting their child to leave, they sought out one of us volunteers to help console their child and ease the pain of both being separated again.  These aren't bad parents, they just want the best for their children like we do.  I am grateful they have a place to seek out to fill that void that may be in these kids lives.  
I found it interesting that while there we noticed a few other ladies volunteering. It never ceases to amaze me to find other people from Minnesota there helping out.  I have to give a big shout out to this wonderful state for being filled with people who have big hearts and are willing to serve.
 I think that is why this team is able to do so much in such a little time. We are a group willing to be open to what God wants us to see, who he puts in front of us and what it is we are to do for serving.

The other half of our group went to Gertrud's Orphanage and helped with the kids who were there. At our group time tonight I was in awe at listening to the stories of their day and seeing the growth in my team members. Seeing the photo's that were shared helped let us see that those kids too appreciate the TIME that is spent with them.

That leads me to our afternoon trip to LaPherre's Orphanage. Our whole team was able to go. No one from the group had been there. Once again, we had thought we would be going in to bring love to these children, and once again they gave to us! Right away they lined up and wanted to sing for us. And sing they did. To see a small group of kids who wanted to do something for us when we are there to do for them I will never tire of.  When we tried to organize activities, they jumped in and showed us what they wanted to be done. We were also reminded that no matter what the activity or items we brought to play with it was the gift of time and touch that mattered the most. 

Love knows no language barriers, love has no price. Love costs nothing to give and you can never give enough. I believe the Holy Spirit is alive in Haiti and with this there is hope for us all.  I have restored hope that we can be people of faith. I have faith in this thing called hope.

Faithfully Y

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