Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day Trois (Day Three)

Patrick and Tarynn here, two of the California team members.  We're saying what's up from Haiti!  It's been an eventful day, full of lots of God's love and emotion.  We were blessed with two batches of wonderful scrambled eggs this morning full of ingredients that made our mouths smile (none of which we knew)  to start the day off :) Due to the size of our group we had to split into two teams today.  We had the opportunity to go where we felt led, either The Home for Sick and Dying Babies, or Dary's Special Needs Orphanage.

Tarynn felt called to visit the Home for Sick and Dying Babies, while Patrick on the other hand, felt led to visit Dary's Special Needs Orphanage.  Each proved to be an eye opening and fulfilling experience.  Even though the children in both places weren't necessarily aware of what was going on, God's presence and grace was evident.  Whether they were sick and dying infants or children with disabilities you could see they were aware of God's love and grace.  That's something I think we forget about in the states because we have so much, always wanting more, and forgetting that God is there for EVERYONE in every situation.  

One story in particular, included Patrick and a young girl with limited abilities.  She suddenly started crying out, sitting in the corner with tears in her eyes, looking as if she were about explode in desperation.  Come to find out her only desire was a cup of water.  A simple cup of water.  It takes us back to our basic need of survival.  Water is life.  In the eyes of Patrick, he instinctually compared the situation with the water to the representation of water in the Bible.  As if when she drank the water down her parched throat she was cleansed and made new.  

Another story that stood out to Tarynn at the Home for Sick and Dying Babies included the basic instinct of comfort.  She was sitting on the floor surrounded by a minimum of 10 babies with one leaning against her leg, grabbing on for dear life.  Another sitting on her right side with her arms wrapped around her body, and an infant cradled in her left arm.  A clearly distraught mother had to leave her baby for the day due to visiting hours.  Tarynn watched the mother set her child down on the play area, the child instantly began screaming so the mother came back and picked up her precious little girl once more.  Then she brought her over to Tarynn and held the little girl by the arm next to her, wanting her to take her screaming baby.  Conveniently, the infant in her left arm was in a milk coma so Tarynn laid the baby down on the play mat and swooped up the screaming child.  After what seemed like forever of rocking the baby and soothing her with soft words she began to slow her cry.  She felt comforted because at this point she felt safe and had all she needed.  Tarynn was able to provide that for her in the same way that Jesus provides us with the comfort and feelings of security that we desire when we need it and seek this through prayer. 

Overall, there were so many powerful experiences of God's work throughout the day for all team members involved these are simply just a few examples.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to follow God's calling and do His work here in Haiti. 

Peace and Love,
"West Coast Best Coast"

Tarynn and Patrick 


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  2. We are really enjoying hearing what you are all doing throughout the day. It sounds so rewarding.