Friday, August 14, 2015

Near to My Heart

Today (day #5) started at 5:30 as we arose to attend the early morning service at Church on the Rock. As the Haitian attendees raised their hands in praise, we were in awe of this powerful worship experience.

After breakfast we had a last-minute change of plans and learned we'd be visiting "Jehovah's" - an orphanage for special needs children.  I was thrilled.  There is a special place in my heart for the mentally and/or physically handicapped since I have a special needs brother.

Visiting this wonderful place was a first for Healing Haiti and I believe these kids had the time of their lives.

We put on an a little, unplugged concert of Christian worship songs.  I was on tambourine duty while Danny played the guitar and Erik dazzled the kids - singing and playing.  He even threw in "The Hippo Song," which was a favorite for the kids.

Today, I felt pure joy praising God and entertaining these children.  I'm hopeful it's a day they'll never forget. :)

Next, we visited Rebuild Globally - a unique company purposely built in Haiti by an American after the earthquake in 2010 to provide jobs for Haitians.  They make the coolest sandals out of tires!

LaLou Orphanage was the next stop.  Again, we played music, provided a snack, and with the help of the kids we created a personalized tie-dye shirt for each child.  Some of our team members have the ink-dyed fingers as souvenirs from this endeavor!

This mission trip has been incredible for me.  I've seen things that totally break my heart.  I don't want to just go back home and continue living my same-old life.  How can I?  I want to do more for this country and pray that God will show me His will as to the next step.

On Monday we met 8 strangers at the airport who became this fantastic team whom I now call friends.

If you ever have the opportunity to be part of what Healing Haiti is doing here in Haiti, I highly recommend that you jump right in.

Michele – first-time team member

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